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On the fly garbage collection

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In our abstract form of the problem, we consider a directed graph of varying structure but with a fixed number of nodes, in which each node has at most two outgoing edges. More precisely, each node may have a left-hand outgoing edge and may have a right-hand outgoing edge, but either of them or both may be missing. In this graph a fixed set of nodes exists, called “the roots.” A node is called “reachable” if it is reachable from at least one root via a directed path along the edges.

The subgraph consists of all reachable nodes and their interconnections is called ‘the data structure’; nonreachable nodes that do not belong to the data structure are called garbage.

Data structure can modified:

Mutator: redirect an outgoing edge of reachable node towards an already reachable one.



Free list - collection of nodes that have been identified as garbage.